Why the blog is better than a e-card

I worry obssesively when I blog.
How much do I want random people to know about me? But isn’t the whole point writing what I feel like? Would this offend anyone? How much? Are you going to tell my mother?
I try to keep the real issue discreet but I try to keep it honest. The reason I am writing here is because I hired me. If you don’t like it, it’s a big wide web. You’ll find something you’ll like elsewhere.
Which is why I am more likely to read your blog than call you up. Phone conversations tire me; niceties put me in a coma.
If we meet in person, we’d never go further than, “What are you doing now? How’s your mom?”
I’d rather read your blog and have a meaningful commentathon. I know what’s going on in your life, and we can talk about it. I’d also know if you are the kind of person I would want to talk to. This is based mainly on the position of your articles and adjectives.
If I comment on your blog despite your poor grasp of grammar, it means I like you a lot. So please don’t point out my spelling mistakes.
I’m also coward and type compliments I would never pay you in person. I also articulate dislike better in regulated font sizes. In real life, I would just sputter and spit and talk too fast.
Like most things in life, I’m afraid I take this blog thing a bit too seriously.


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