Copydeskers gone wild

Four journalists from a reputed tabloid went out drinking to end the week. Zeroing in on well-lit pub, they took the table at the corner and proceeded to order their alcohol-laden drinks. The label on the bottle said 4 per cent alcohol content; they figured that was enough.
The conversation veered to typos and wrong facts, after which the journalists got spiteful and called their writers names that they would not print. They noted that these were words they would not be allowed to print.
A plan for revenge was formed. One of them, who did not wish to be named, said they would begin each paragraph of a story with letters, which put together, would form a word they could not print.
They rubbed their hands in glee.
First round of drinks done, they ordered a second round of diet sodas, and left the place at an unearthly hour of 12.45 am.

Don’t mess with us, we can Ctrl+A+Del


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