Portrait of a copy-editor as a passport photograph

Curly tatya

Look at me. I’m reasonably cute. In fact, with the right kind of light, you could even say I’m marriage material.

Cocker spaniel tatya

Sometime in 1997 or 98, I disguised myself as a cocker spaniel. I went through college with my ears worn at my side, my lips pursed in disdain and my eyes full of wonder.

Puffer tatya

In the 2004 I got myself a pixie cut. Only, I wouldn’t use hair gel to set it because I didn’t know any in the market that was not tested on animals. So I blew my cheeks in anger and thought of evil plans to manufacture animal-friendly hair products. But I looked like an ageing aunty with a ‘boy-cut’.


I’ve been growing my hair out since then, letting it do its own thing. On days with high humidity, it gets curly. These days, it lies flat. So somebody thought it would be funny to put a wig on a egg and take a picture. Surprisingly, it looks a lot like me smiling benignly.


2 thoughts on “Portrait of a copy-editor as a passport photograph

  1. Even I have collected photographs of me down the years, to see the transformation of ‘me’. But I wouldn’t have the guts or balls, to put up pictures of me, like you. Way to go, woman!

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