How to have a great day

Ahmed and Me

A few years ago, I decided that I would give my closest friends hand-made gifts. Sharmishta, hence, got a tee with her nick embroidered in sequins… by hand. Many others got knitted scarves. And there can be no one more deserving than the marvelous merlin (TM) [Both the nick and the TM marks are patented by him].
Not only is he talented and funny, he can also dispose of dead bodies at short notice. He is also a fabulous gift-giver and we have a unconscious competition every year (I’ve got a head-start this year). So this year, among other things (sweet, fattening things) I made him these:


PXN8.COM - Wed Jan 24 20:15:54 2007

Though digitally designed and printed, the cutting machine away at the last moment, so I recruited another much-loved boy (no, not Tushar) to help with the cutting. And hence, 120 cards were hand-cut by the Deer ‘Huntar’ and me. They obviously lack finish, but sweet is the labour of love. Bonus is that I can’t do the same thing twice, so each time, I learn a new skill.
Try giving your loved-ones a hand-made gift. You won’t regret it, I promise.

edit: Just when I thought I had the upperhand, the sneaky bastard left a document saying this in my notebook:

Tatya is the greatest. Tatya does not smell. Tatya got me presents. Tatya does not fail. First there was nothing, and then there was Tatya. Sleeping.

How can you not love such a boy

ps: I take no credit for the tagline either, or the gift idea. merlin had thought of that years ago. I just beat him to the implementation


One thought on “How to have a great day

  1. best day ever! muah. now, how about mailing me the rest of the pics and the video?

    oh and thankee to deer huntar, didn’t know his filthy hands touched that masterpiece.

    thanks again for an awesome day!

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