Hi tai, it’s your conscience speaking

“Hi tai! What are you doing tomorrow at 11?”
It’s my sister. At about 8 pm on Monday and I’m on my way to getting happily drunk with a few school friends and exchanging really funny school stories. I like celebrating anniversaries like that. Laughing till I’m snorting very mild alcoholic drink. Sometimes I think I drink just to be cool.
“Umm, I’ll be at work at 2. What happened?”
“Okay, so you’ll be chief guest at a function?”
“C’mon tai, it’ll be fun”
Turns out, her friend works for the event management firm that is organising a nation-wide quiz on the environment for school kids. For the Bombay finals, they forgot to get a chief guest.
So they want me to go. I have only worked for animal rights and not even conservation.
Few hours of dilly-dallying, and I know I can not refuse my little sister. So I go the next day, dressed as I suppose a social-worker would. They introduce me with some clever PR spiel which is not untrue, but a lot more pompous than befits my editor status.
I go and give a short speech, receive a bouquet and come back to me seat, not before my grandfather gives me a kissy in a room full of school kids and teachers.
That’s an adventure done with, and I am filled with the satisfaction of coming through for my sister once more. May be this is how parenting feels.
I love February. I love surprises.


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