Some more pet peeves

My dance teacher, whose net bio says ‘Been to Japan –TWICE FOR CULTURAL SHOW’, says to me:

“You should try to appear smaller because it looks very ugly when you dance since you are tall. Also, your arms and hands are very large and you shouldn’t open them completely (when dancing) as they look odd.”

That I still continue to go to her classes says a lot about my need for punishment.

It scares me that some people who write like they are texting, you know, lvng vwls out lk ths & vit rndm cAptLIZATION and all that * biz, r da teachers in da skools.
Spelling is hard as is. We don’t need you to fuck up young minds.

Also, try the T9 facility on your phone. It prompts your text and spells for you. This way, you won’t seem juvenile and uneducated. You are not 18, and this is not your first phone.


One thought on “Some more pet peeves

  1. No wrong intends… But SMS costing quite high (since the volume consumed by you is high) people tend to txt 4 da sak of cnvnce 2 shrnk LMS msgs in 1 msg…

    Happy texting pal…T9 is very cool…really cool but costs high when you need to send like say 2000 SMS per week!!! Not that you are a SMS gateway though…

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