To the Entertainment desk

Dear Young Colleague,
When I mean you, I mean the whole bunch of you who were drunk and screaming “We rock” at the office party the other night. You know, when you got excited about the never-ending free drinks and got on to the DJ’s console after he had played the last song for the night. Then descended on the parking lot shouting that you “rocked”?
I was the part of the bunch rolling my eyes in the corner. You explained to us many times in the course of the night that “You rocked” and your friends “rocked” and that you were “wild”. I suspect you think you had “loads of attitude”. Before you got on to the car, you stood on the bonnet and proclaimed one more time that your team “ROCKED”. You also used the hand gesture befitting a rock show. Then you thanked each of us for a good time.
I suppose you feel differently today morning. Many of you avoided making eye contact near the coffee machine. We don’t mean to be unmerciful, but we couldn’t help the sly smiles. Consider us a part of your education as to why you must remain sober at a office party.

From the Reality desk


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