So embarrassed

Me: I had a strange dream last night
TB: Tell tell
Me: Well my mother told me that my dad wasn’t my father. Tiger Pataudi was!
Me: And I was so indignant.
TB: You mean you weren’t a little thrilled to be royalty? To be Saif’s half sister? You never had feelings for him did you?
Me: No, I was furious. Hello! look at my face, my hair, my teeth. How can I be anybody but my father’s daughter? I was also trying to work out how Pataudi could be my father. And he was there too. Sitting next to my mom patiently, as if giving me space to deal with this news. I think they were married…
TB: We’ll take time out to go see Salma?
Me: Go to the therapist because I had a weird dream?
TB: You dreamt Pataudi was your father. Hell yes. Take a poll on your blog


5 thoughts on “So embarrassed

  1. Hahahahahaha… that’s fucking hilarious. You just want that so your name would be something sexy (read less gujju) as Soha Ali Khan.


  2. Really? Your name sounds as gujju as my name sounds ghaati.

    So I’m guessing you’re on one of your crazy shifts to be replying so late?


  3. That is one of those ironies of life I have to explain to everyone. I have a completely Bong name and Tushar’s last name is famously Bong. One of the reasons I haven’t taken it is because it will take too many minutes out of my life explaining how I am not bong with a 100 per cent Bong name.
    My mother gave me that name, and she is shudh dayvadnya brahmin (we didn’t dally with the portugese to have fair skin and be called ghaati)
    I’m working on my other assignments and I only get time after work hours i.e. 12 am

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