There’s one for every one

Me: I saw the weirdest magazine today. Sindhian! It’s for Sindhis!
TB: Yeah, didn’t you know that? There’s also G2
Me: G2?!
TB: Global Gujarati!
Me: !! Do they give you a free poster of Tulsi with that?
TB: Yeah! And Thakurji
Me: What about ghaatis? Is there a magazine for them?
TB: No
Me: Let’s start one.
Yeah, we’ll call it KMKP — Khuup Maratha, Khuup Pandu
A free Kalnirnay with it?


6 thoughts on “There’s one for every one

  1. Kalanirnay is the coolest calendar ever! And I read an issue of GG, the one with the Ambanis on it, I think. Riveting.

  2. Man, you’re SO out of the loop! How many ghaati magazines do you want? Maher, Saptahik Sakal, Lokprabha, Hitguj, Lalit, Mauj, … go mad!


  3. G, those are magazines in Marathi. They are not magazines in English for the global Ghaati. They come under vernacular media. And you forgot Grih Lakshmi.
    Merlin: You’re a subscriber aren’t you?

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