The truth about siblings

Take notes KK, this is for you

Tatya’s letter to her brother:

Dear Dada,
The pictures of Alaska and you with the lion cub are lovely. I have forwarded them to Bushu. Expect a mail from her soon. Please send me the family pics we took the day you left. Everything here is fine.
Do you want me to buy something for mom on your behalf for her birthday? I am thinking of getting her some gold earrings…
How are things otherwise? I was in Panvel last weekend with Bushu. Mom and dad also went to see Bhai Bhabhi recently.
Write soon,

Manas’s reply:

Bum baba,

Here are the pics.
Hope all’s well at home.


SMS to sister: Chopped hair!

Calls back.
“What have you done?” tone weary from being a compassionate observer to many hair disasters

” Taiii… You were going to grow your hair…”

25-minute conversation ensues wherein I find out about the new hair-cuts and colour of her friends, their boyfriends, cousins and people who live in Matunga…


3 thoughts on “The truth about siblings

  1. Manas wins. You girls like to yap too much. Plus you asked him the wrong question. “Get mom gold earrings?” HAH. A TRAP! STEER CLEAR MATEY. You should have asked him how he kept warm in Alaska. I’m bored. No one ought to wake up this early on a Sunday.

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