…why there isn’t a song called Librarian Girl.

if it was true when the guy said he used to be a flower delivery boy when he first came to Bombay.

if my dog knows how much I love him.

why the fuck is something written on my contact lenses? I did not lease my eyeballs to Ciba Vision.


And this is how the world looks to me without my glasses. I knew you were awake at nights wondering…

The world through my eyes


7 thoughts on “Wondering…

  1. Used to think that MJ song *was* about a librarian girl — thick glasses, huge knockers, loves her jerome k. jerome, and has saved her chemistry journals (complete with acid stains). Sigh.

    Just like in the movies,
    With two lovers in a scene
    And she says…
    Do you love me
    And he says so endlessly…
    I love you, liberian girl

  2. does a “123” appear on the contacts? i was told that the text on the lens is always on the outer side to ensure that people like me wear the lens correctly. what breed is boo? he is unlike any that i have seen, and i say this in a good way.

  3. No, It’s got Ciba Vision written on it. I was told that the edges should curl inwards for it to be the right size.
    BooBal-mia is an extremely needy breed of smooshyness. You know, a black dog by any other name would be as bouncy.

  4. That used to be me until I had the laser vision correction last year. And here I am now a year later with better than 20/20 vision & I hope to never go back. Totally worth it & painless. Definitely something worth looking into. Oh the freedom! I had a friend who went all the way to India to get her vision corrected!

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