Karma chameleon

A friend of mine says there are no chance adoptions. She says all children that come to you — by whichever means — were meant to be yours. That you get the child best suited to you — karmically speaking.
Hang on while I explain, this is unfamiliar territory to me.
So when you raise a sister’s or uncle’s daughter, it is still the child you were meant to raise. When you adopt a child, it was the child meant for you. Its path in life was adjusted such that (s)he came to you.
Makes you feel like shit if the birth parents died in refugee camps, I know.
The child you have, is the child you’d have.
So if (s)he challenged in anyway (physically or mentally) its because you are supposed to work this knot together. (S)he might be born to different parents near you, because it was not your time to bear her. But circumstances could place her in your care.
A child rejected in a previous life (or in this life before birth), will come back to you in such a form that you’d accept her.

I love my boys

So the child I have, is the child we’d want? You’re a sly one Boo


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