I, psychologist

I love the Staedtler HB pencils and use one at work. My desk is smooth and great for doodling. This is what I drew over the last two days.

Desk doodle

As someone who bunked four years of psychology classes, it is my professional opinion that this represents my deep regret that I didn’t study as a child and go to a college that held a fancy convocation ceremony. I picked my degree up from a cardboard box in Mumbai University’s Kalina campus.

Send me a picture of your doodle and I’ll tell you the secrets of your soul.


5 thoughts on “I, psychologist

  1. Mine would invariably consist of a house with a kid playing outside and a palm tree to the right. Mostly because that’s the only thing I learned to “draw” way back when in drawing classes. Yes, mommy sent me to drawing classes. I bunked those as well.

    That’s a mighty fine doodle. You got skillz girl! Start a comic strip if you can maintain that artwork.

  2. mine is house with a red sloping roof, a bush by its side (sometimes with little red flowers in it), a tree a little further on, a cat sitting under the tree, and a red kite flying in the blue sky.

    in fact, i’ve been trying some water painting of late, and i repeatedly paint this scene over and over again.

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