I need to take a poll on this

me: Did you see my doodle?
Tushar: yup. It looks like you even
me: actually I was just doodling. The older boy was inspired by my friend’s husband
Tushar: It’s not you?
[it’s a] boy?

Does that not look like a boy? Do I look like a boy? I am going through a mid-gender crisis…


10 thoughts on “I need to take a poll on this

  1. I did think the older one looked like a boy, but his curls made him not look like you. So, you don’t look like the boy in there.
    Heck, you don’t look like any boy.
    An undeniable feminine body is what gives it away.

  2. Aditi: Yes. Was it that obvious? So sorry, but he has such a lovely face. So does his mother (if that was her in the graduation pictures). I wanted to draw more and was meaning to ask your permission.
    F: Yeah and careless. Editing it right now. I love that you call me M. Like James Bond. So cool!
    Ketaki: It’s the breasts isn’t it?

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