Daily doodle

(Brought to you by my selective memory)

Today we have a horsy-porpoise from the 70s. She’s hip, she’s amphibian and has great speed under water and on land. I’m going to introduce her to Boo.

Horsy porpoise

I used to have an art teacher in school, who looked something like this. She was tall and thin with stringy long hair. Her clothes were always loose and flowing and some times she’d wear a head band. I didn’t know what that was then.

She wasn’t very regular in school and I found out later that she had a physically challenged son. We would see her in the market or at school, pushing him in a pram or perhaps that was a wheelchair. She also had a Cockatoo and drove a beat-up car.
I was very drawn to her. Wonder where she went…

Horsy porpoise takes the train

Later in the day, my horsy-porpoise took a trip on a train, seeing in her mind’s eye, a caterpillar. That’s because it was the end of the day and I didn’t know what to draw. So I put a few circles in and gave them legs.


6 thoughts on “Daily doodle

  1. She lives in Poona now.
    Her daughter’s a stewardess for Jet Airways.
    Her son died a few years back, I loved him. He was much more than a boy in a wheelchair (we all knew him like that in school though).

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