I’m still Jenny from the blog

I’m really tired, so I’m just going to post these. Fun stories, post about hard work leading to this, dreams fulfilled and all things warm and fuzzy to follow.

Hello, madam. You want this bag? See mattreal.

Starring in a supporting role, my double chin


12 thoughts on “I’m still Jenny from the blog

  1. G: Yeah, its real and I wrote it. You try shopping, posing and writing a story in 3 hours and then point out the typos, missy. Though I do wish someone had read it after me. Am quite embarrassed, myself.

    Ketaki: I always put God first and can’t forget to stay real.
    To me, it’s like breathing

  2. Dont bother answering that, I googled you.

    This was the first thing that came up..

    “…died at a very middle age while travelling to work on the local train”

    A lot must have happened while I was away!

  3. OMG I suddenly feel so foolish now!

    Trying to be the ‘Oh wake up to your talent’ woman!

    Knew I should have read posts in order.

    Anyway great article it was, made my overtly brand enthusiastic female club run out and go broke!hehe

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