Ten things I miss about the 90s

10. Badges on denim jackets
9. Shakespeare’s Sisters
8. Jason Donovan
7. Beyond 2000 (a TV show)
6. Luke Perry
5. Out of this World (also a TV show)
4. Ebeneezer Goode
3. The phrases “Yo!” and “Cool it”
2. Despairing to Crazy for You
1. My very impressionable youth


7 thoughts on “Ten things I miss about the 90s

  1. i loved ‘out of this world’! also ‘charles in charge’ and ‘blossom’. and i am clearly jobless, leaving so many comments on your blog. christian slater, too. add to list.

  2. how could u forget Madonna and memorizing her every tune…
    …demins with badges i remember..god!!
    and jason donovan looks sooo not cute anymore…the 90s were really good times…

  3. KK: They clearly don’t have our troubles, because they don’t have Wilson Phillips.
    Vai: Did you know Jason Donovan had his own magazine? And I also mentioned Madonna in this blog. Shame on you for not spotting that. (Point no. 2)
    Chinmayee: We should totally have that 90s party.

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