My *Mondo Beyondo

1. Live in Europe
2. To live in a monastery
3. A period house in south Mumbai
4. A swimming pool in my house
5. A job in an animal reserve/ sanctuary
6. Watch Leonard Cohen perform
7. Meet Terry Pratchett
8. Visit Bahrain
9. Do a doctorate at Oxford on something absolutely irreverent
10. A vintage VW like the one I used to have as a child
11. Lose 10 kgs
12. Go to Hydra in Greece
13. See my friends in the US
14. Learn Ballet
15. Learn to play a musical instrument
16. Run a full marathon
17. Have a dessert named after me
18. Freedom from facial hair… cheap
19. Understand maths
20. A wildly romantic moment

What’s on your list?

*This is the list of things that are outrageous, wild, and may not even happen for 5 or 10 years from now. This is the list of things that are SO JUICY and unlikely to happen that you are afraid to even write them down. This might be the most important list of all!


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