My dog, the drama queen

I still have nothing to blog about, so instead I will post pictures of my dog. “If you don’t have anything to say, don’t blog,” you say.
But I have a pretty dog. TB has an expensive camera. There are people out there whom this annoys (I mean you, Ketaki). Hence I shall assault you with Booness.

Drama queen

Last week, he had the sniffles and a blister between his toes, which the vet says is caused by STRESS. I work on the newsdesk six days a week, and my dog has STRESS. Somebody get me a raspberry soda. So here he, preparing to die while bubbles emerge from his nose.

Playing the dog

The proper way to play a dog is to get him/her on her back and find The Spot. It’s located usually under the belly, a little to the side. You know you are playing them right when they start bucking their legs uncontrollably, or the head limps to the side and the tongue rolls out.

Did you get that pom pregnant?

Once in a while, you should have a stern talk with the canine in your life, especially if he’s a boy. They get rambunctious and rape unsuspecting legs. This is not done in polite society. This will also avoid neighbours coming to your door with gifts of puppies. Worst of all, if he has a glad-eye for a Pomeranian, it must be put to a stop. Some things are just not acceptable.


I get asked many times how I keep the Boo so soft and shiny without using a shampoo or soap that does not contain animal fat or is tested on animals. I use Chandrika. A Chandrika doggie is a handsome, sleepy doggie.


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