Travel update so far

  • Repeat Amar-Akbar-Anthony pun to anyone who asks about holiday. Gitanjali begins to move away politely
  • We’ll be travelling on Jaison’s 28th birthday. He throws a tantrum. We pass it back. Candice gives him permission to go.
  • Need to carry his luggage to the airport while he brunches with her. Will be ribbed about his devotion till next life.
  • Remind Ahmed to carry scarf I knit for him. He may have misplaced it. Our friendship hangs precariously till he finds it.
  • Ditto robe from Sikkim.
  • This trip is fundamentally to get away from spouse and house. Wake up realising you already miss him.
  • Contemplate sending mail to boys telling them to pack warm and towels. Realise that’s mommy behaviour. Settle for telling them you’ve packed toiletries for all.
  • Need to buy cigs. Must buy them before dad picks you up for airport. Have panic attack.
  • Send Ahmed out to buy books for trip. So far the itenary is: reading, writing, watching movies, ribbing Jaison.
  • Consider not taking the laptop.
  • Change mind.
  • Sort conundrum over Ahmed’s shoes. Discover you have no shoes. Buy new shoes? THOU SHALT NOT SHOP.
  • Sister is leaving tomorrow at 6 am. Go to airport, then do last minute shopping, then head to work? NO!
  • We leave Sunday morning. Swim before leaving?

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