Are you cute enough?

Dear adjective ‘cute’,
What exactly do you qualify? I fail to find uses for you. In my younger days, the joke was that you meant: Ugly, but bearable. I looked that up in the dictionary and found no traces of it. You are defined as: charmingly pretty; sweet.
Well I don’t think so.
I think you are an ambiguous word that people lean upon when they do not know or cannot be bothered to find the right word to express what they mean.
You mean nothing. Your existence is futile. You are cute.

Educated Tatya
* Certain black dogs are cuteness itself because there is no word to contain their smooshability


2 thoughts on “Are you cute enough?

  1. Thank you. I can’t remember the last time I used that word to describe anything, human or otherwise. There was a time when I used to protest if someone called me cute. Now I don’t bother. Something in my head just goes, “Inarticulate – check.”


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