Standing close enough to catch the crumbs of Tushar’s good fortune

TB: It’s like whenever I get a little depressed, the universe feels bad.
ET: You mean it goes, “Ale le le beta, don’t cry. Here’s a large sum of money and a car?”
TB: Exactly!

All I get is a more hits on my blog.
I’m kidding. I also get your goodwill. BUT NOT ENOUGH TO GET ME A CAR.


What we were talking about is the free car that has just dropped into our laps. Tushar’s kindergarten friend *Suhail Bhatia had a 1994 118 NE lying about in his Pune office, and since TB has unbearable goodwill with most people, Suhail offered it to us for the token price of Rs 1,000.


I hope he meant in instalments.
The car drives miraculously well — Suhail drove it from Pune to our place without any problems. I drove it for a few minutes too, but Suhail was unable to bear the fact that two Fiats had overtaken us and shoved me aside. Then he overtook them and felt like a man again. I can prove it.

The car is ugly but reliable and gives a little more average than Tushar’s bike, a 1984 RD 350. I told you his religion doesn’t allow him to buy anything built in this century.
Hopefully, we will brush up our driving skills in this car and reduce the chances of banging about the new car we intend to buy in a few months.

Tushar is mighty embarrassed to be seen in the NE and does not intend to take it out of our suburb. But I have no shame (I spent my life in a run-down VW Beetle and Amazon. You kids know nothing about shame) and am appreciative of anything free.

Suhail Bhatia

Here’s our benign benefactor who has bestowed his benevolence upon us.

*Suhail Bhatia was also the bartender at our wedding, which is why I am grinning so widely in all the photographs. And also why I am not in most photographs. He goes out of his way to be good, kind and just to everybody, and extremely annoying to me.

** TB wants me to add that the 118 NE is a Fiat 124 derivative, the European car of the year 1967. I still don’t see him driving it.


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