The birthday alarms are ringing

It will be my birthday *soon. Here’s a look at some other things in my home which will turn 28.

This is the cooking range we’ve had since 1979, the year my father got a government job in Bahrain.


The oven stopped working when I was about ten. In the last decade, two of the five burners gave way. By last year, the cooking gas began leaking, which is when I forced a new stove on my mother. The hinges of the oven gave way, and it stays partially open.
So instead of packing the mountain off, my mother uses it as a cabinet. Her purse, which used to be in the microwave, is now in the oven.
I love this cooking range and can operate no other. That is my official excuse for not cooking. Sentimentality. Which could have asphyxiated my family.



These knives were once regular knives. With full blades. I have never known metal to wear off like this, but I suppose time takes its toll on everyone.

We also have a 1986 VCR, but I can’t find it. Mom says she put it some place for safe-keeping. A place where old VCRs are not mugged by young, unruly DVD players. That must be where all the video cassettes are too.

*When I say soon, I mean in three months, 11 days.


5 thoughts on “The birthday alarms are ringing

  1. i was just about the question the haste…especially when haste makes wrinkles and memory loss…then i read the 3 months and 11 days….

  2. i can’t believe u still have your Bahrain cooking range….
    but good use of it i must say……may be u could pick up a Martha Stewart home decor book and completely remodel it.
    <i?(see how i find it difficult to get out of decor mode these days..i want to make everything look pretty…its like a disease) .

  3. Broom: Yes, Feb 13. But don’t worry, I usually start a countdown from Jan end so that no one forgets to wish me. And yes, I did count your friend. I have to write a post about that widget now.
    Vai: You know how I am about birthdays. It’s still MY day so I’m hardly depressed around it. That cooking range, among other things, is the bane of my existence. I’m going to throw all that out when my mom isn’t looking. Please get your mom to invite her over!

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