Improving the quality of my life

So, I’m joining this thing.
Why? Cause I don’t write enough. My brain is sobbing into its hands as I write this. I write for a living, dammit. Correction: I edit and re-write for a living. It’s like saying the my dosawallah is a sous chef. (Which he is, btw.)*
I have to turn in a story by Monday and I have three blog drafts waiting — tangent: (what? you don’t plan and edit your posts? You don’t think before you write? No no, don’t tell me you sit in front of the keyboard and the words ‘just flow because you have so many stories in you’. Divine inspiration is a bad writer. I would know, I edit for them. I’m going back to sobbing now) — two posts in my head that I have to write and edit.
And turn in two drafts of the hush hush project that I really want to work out. And the laundry, and the ball-throwing, and the nagging, and new furniture to be picked up, and the shopping for the hush hush project (That was a hint. Do you get what project may be? Hush if you already know.), and the shopping for Diwali, and the bathing and the toe-nail cutting.
The posts each day may just be to-do lists. Aren’t you EXCITED? So why am I getting into this? To work on my commitment phobia. Ha! Also cause I cannot run a marathon. But verbal diarrhoea? Ha ha! Sign me up.
I have to go now. I need to draft out new posts. See you tomorrow.
Wait-a-minute. That’s National Blog Posting Month. I’m not a national of their nation. Their national is not the same as my national. Nor is their nation the same as my nation. There are many nations in between our two nations. Or sub-continents.
Should I still do this? Bail me out please. Now that I have written my commitment for the Internet to see, I don’t have the nerve to break up.

This is going to be such an insightful month.

* All parts in bold is the other part of my brain talking. The one who orders a sada dosa with double butter, double cheese and garlic chutney.

If there anything you would want me to blog about, please tell me. And please consider doing this with me.


7 thoughts on “Improving the quality of my life

  1. Broom: You read my mind. I had a whole post thought of in which I would tag you guys and ask you to blog about something I wanted to know about. I was going to as you about how you met The Girl.

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