Do your duty

There is a game we play at our house. An elaborate scenario, one question and two options that are so bad that you can’t choose. But choose you must. For this is Stupid Question Time:

You have died and gone to hell (Oh, you’re surprised?). Your personal hell is a stuck elevator, and you get to choose the song that will be played for all eternity. Your options are:

Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On (andonandonandon)
Nothing’s gonna change my love for you by Glenn Medeiros

You are about to get the biggest movie break of you life. It will make you an instant star and if you refuse, the mob will kill your family. But you have to sleep with either of these. Who will it be?

Kishen Kumar
Shekhar Suman

Aruna Irani


Someone came here looking for the ‘nation with bigger penis.’ Hi! Glad to meet you. Do I make you jealous?


5 thoughts on “Do your duty

  1. By the way, while I was posting that comment, a desi coworker walked up behind me. Now he thinks I read about penises at work while looking at Aruna Irani’s breasts hanging out. Which is true.


  2. 😛 My short stint with Hindi movies represents a rather gloomy period in Bollywood’s history… I remember not only that song, but also Kanchan, the chic that starred opposite him in his debut movie. You should have thrown her in there as one of the choices. Her and Sabeeha.

    Now you know why I need a brain cleanup.


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