Anniversary Special

Today is the fifth year anniversary of my first date with TB. To commemorate the occasion, here are five reasons why I’m still with him.


5. He is a gentle man, with breeding that’s very different from chivalry. He does not speak ill of me (or the women in his life, read: his mother and sisters). When I hold his elbow, he crooks his arm and holds it across his chest. I asked him where he learnt to do that and he said, “Nowhere. I just don’t like it when the girl seems to be clinging to the guy’s arm. This looks dignified.” I’m no chick hanging on to his arm; I am his special lady, who’s going to get a treat. That’s the kind of class that can’t be taught.
Like how he never calls out my name loudly in public. He does a very gentlemanly ‘psst psst’.


4. He has worn both — his engagement ring and wedding band — every day since he got them. Because he likes them. I don’t wear either. He couldn’t care less.
That’s the thing about a self-made value system. You won’t find him doing anything because he *must* or *should*. He’ll do it because he likes to. He visits old ladies because he likes to. He won’t come visiting with me, cause he doesn’t want to. Will you can bend tails around, but never get to pick up the clothes.


3. He cannot lie. No, I’m not one of those women who *thinks* her man is incapable of lying; I’m the kind of woman who assumes that everyone is capable of lying. It’s embarrassing when TB tries to lie. If he got any straighter and narrower, my mother would use him to massage her head.

Intrigued by what you are saying

2. Someone once told me and I quote, “It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t know a sitar from a guitar or his Manet from his Monet, but he has to bring a puppy home, just cause it will make you happy.”
While that may be good, you know what’s better? Someone who actually likes puppies. Who hangs out with them and spins tales about what they did together. Someone who is not below using his woman as bait to get to know other puppies.
You know how the saying goes: Marry a pleaser and you’ll get a puppy at Christmas; Marry a puppy-lover, and you’ll have puppies all life through.


1. He is the best man I have met. Not best friend, nor best son, nor best brother. I mean the best specimen of the human male. That’s the only type I would advise you to stick around for.


And one reason why I may kill him

Me: What if I go totally insane?
TB: Then I’ll have to admit you to an institution.
Me: Will you remarry?
TB: I’ll be too busy turning you into a profitable venture.
Me: Blink
TB: I’ll build a glass cage so that people can come and see you. Then I’ll sell tiny pieces of chocolate at exorbitant prices that they can throw to you.
Me: silence
TB: Chal, I’ll let you choose the chocolates. Which ones do you want? It won’t matter cause I’ll make like a 600 per cent profit. Choose any chocolate you like.


6 thoughts on “Anniversary Special

  1. heya…aww, what a lovely way to say happy anniversary!…i’m back, by the way…and yes, i am taking your advice and embracing mediocrity…your mediocrity is so much nicer than mine, i have to say.

    p.s. happy anniversary to two wonderfully weird people – glad you found each other

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