I tag anyone who has run out of blog ideas

G tagged me to do this. She called me an unkind name. I finally got around to doing it.

I am a hoarder, a walker, a seaker. I am the universe’s ugly pet. I am an absurdist, selfish and self-centred. I am very worried about what you are thinking. I am rude, usually for humour. I am sorry. I am kind, just not careful.
I am creative, but out of time. I am an aesthete and analytical. I am apathetic and pathetic. I am benevolent, but with an intention. I am floopy and absent-minded. I am a lover  of fruity things. I am a fruity thing. I am blaming it on the boogie.
I am a reader of beautiful women, some men and mostly scenarios.
I am the population of one in my head. I am the population of two [or three or forty-four] in my mind.
I am quick-witted and offensive. I am not my job, but it won’t listen. I am trying to break up. I am very easily bored. I am wishful and forgetful and resentful. I am a refugee and a procrastinator.
I am a mystery inside a riddle, wrapped in an enema.
I am angry that I am not young. I am a man, just better than the average ones. I am the conqueror of fears and weakness. I am afraid of mediocrity.
I am not here. Please leave a message.


2 thoughts on “I tag anyone who has run out of blog ideas

  1. I live for calling people unkind names. PINKEEYYYYY… or do you prefer floopyhead? I like what you did with the post. Mystery inside a riddle wrapped in an enema – LOL.


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