What we call cooking

So many of you are writing food posts about Thanksgiving that the peer pressure is getting to me. I can’t cook, but I make up for that with *enthusiasm.
But we did make a strawberry sorbet once. I bought a sleek mixie and strawberries. TB took out the ice-cubes from the freezer and put them into the mixie, along with chopped strawberries. We are still arguing about who turned on the switch.

The result:
Strawberry sorbet

For all of those who cook, here’s a tip from me mum-in-law: “Butter makes everything so classy, na?” (Yes ma, now I can take my popcorn to the opera.)

*I ate up a caramel custard enough for three the second time I went to TB’s place. Two days later, I was embarrassed to realise I may have taken his mother’s words, “This has your name written on it” literally. Three years later, I brought it up in a ha-ha kind of way, and TB assured me that Ma had made the entire thing for me. The smaller cups were for everyone else.


4 thoughts on “What we call cooking

  1. butter does make the world go round!!!
    that is my mantra too!!!
    i must meet your mom in law…and i said the exact same line to SW yesterday …when i cooked scrambled eggs.

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