I’m meeting Celeste, me(y)n

Neomi and Celeste Meyn

A few days after Aldora left, another classmate, Neomi Ann Gomes, called to say that she was in town with her baby girl. The last time I met the baby, she was still residing in Neomi and the time before that, I had met Neomi when she looked like this:


So this was going to be a treat. I hadn’t met the offspring of any of my friends before and I was anticipating a clutching pain in my womb telling me my time was running out (no, no epiphany here either). What I wasn’t expecting were these eyes! They followed me around the room! I’m telling you, that tyke was judging me.

Celeste Meyn

Celeste Meyn! Celeste Meyn!
What a name, Celeste Meyn!

You think she’ll like trouble?
Or dubious men?
Not with a name like Celeste Meyn!

She’ll be one with the Lord
And shun champagne
Someone’s going to have to
spoil that Celeste Meyn

Celeste Meyn! Celeste Meyn!
Oh what a shame, Celeste Meyn!

Coming up soon is a post about Tatya’s fight over intellectual property and if she can find the words, her new haircut


6 thoughts on “I’m meeting Celeste, me(y)n

  1. I am waiting for that post. I had a mullet for close to 2 years, but it wasn’t anything like yours. This is ballsy. Fuck words, I demand more photos.


  2. OMG!!! I just stumbled across this and I am so touched! It’s beautiful. If you felt haunted with those eyes following you around the room, you need to meet both the girls, who after assessing you with a corner of their eyes, and I’m pretty sure you’d fit into their ‘this is non-threatening species that is good for entertainment’ and I’ll leave what happens next.

    (P.S. She’s gonna be saying a special prayer for you tonight.)

    (Thanks Itsame 😀 )

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