Let the bonanza begin

This is Tatya’s more controlled side writing. The rest of her is pirouetting naked on top of a very tall building because her birthday is approaching. There’s also a black dog jumping maniacally at her and a balding man who keeps handing her a towel.
She wants me to say that SHE LOVE BIRTHDAYS. ESPECIALLY HERS. Make that ONLY HERS.
In the past, she has tried to take a more mature approach to the date she was born, but has failed. She can’t help talking in capslock as soon as the year turns.
We’ve been trying to determine why she loves her birthday so much, and have come up with the following reasons:

1) The presents (but only a little).
2) How everyone remembers it. (Albeit, it’s because she doesn’t let you forget)
3) The phone-calls
4) The mails
5) The cards

Even my cynicism can’t take her down.
Already, she’s received the first batch of presents (30 days in advance. Not 30 days to this day), and her father has called to tell her his budget. SHOPPING had been planned.
Tatya sees no reason to be afraid of a oncoming increase in age. She loves the season the 13th of FEBRUARY falls in. Even by Bombay standards, the weather isn’t so bad. And it’s usually after NRI family members and friends have visited, so the fridge is stocked with CHOCOLATE.
Some, like her very considerate aunt by marriage, gets CHOCOLATE that can be this BIG.

Love is all you need

Tatya is not a fan of Cadbury’s, but the UK version is palatable. And like Nawaz maasi says, “You’re so *easy. One box of CHOCOLATE and you’re anyone’s.”

Love love love

Tatya has also just sprouted no less than SEVEN strands of silver hair and I have been waiting for her to have a theatrical breakdown. But instead, she’s considering sporting a Susan StoHelit do. She’s also looking forward to turning 30 in two years. I can’t understand why.
So you see, there is so much to be happy about. JOIN IN, WHY DON’T YOU. THROW IN A PRESENT WHILE YOU’RE AT IT.

* In 2002, Tushar opened a civil conversation with Tatya by offering her chocolate Nawaz had brought for him. She [Tatya] later stole it from his cupboard and blamed it on another colleague.


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