Pertinent question

The human race has been wiped out and you alone hold the foetus of regeneration. One of the below will be the fruit of your loins; who would you prefer?

Mimoh (Spawn of Mithun)
Baby Guddi (The Anti-Christ)


13 thoughts on “Pertinent question

  1. I have endured 3/5ths of what will become India’s nomination to Oscars this year – for the crappiest combo of acting, directing, music and what have you – Jimmy. I would like to have both and have one kill the other and make a movie about it.

  2. Avinash: I shake your hand in admiration (and then wipe it because it be the hand that bought the tickets. Eww.).
    merlin: I dunno dude. I hear Baby is a vicious piece of work
    Gitanjali: The point of Stupid Question Time is that you are compelled to make a choice.

  3. Just thought of the logistics of this: Say the last woman on earth does bear one of these as her child. That makes the total number of humans on earth two. Which means in order to reporoduce the woman will also have to sleep with this… Really now?

  4. Don’t forget Christian tradition now… After Adam and Eve did it, there has to have been a good deal of incest to further reproduce. 😉


  5. What kind of shit names are Mimoh and Baby Guddi? It’s as if their parents had a premonition about how they were going to turn out. Who or what is Baby Guddi anyway?

  6. G: Thank you for pointing that out. Hope that answers all your questions, Gitanjali.
    F: Mimoh is short for Mohakshay! Baby Guddi was that popular child actress of the 70s and 80s. The one in the Melodie (y?) ad.

  7. Oh, I seem to have missed out on an important detail… these are real people?! I thought the whole thing was hypothetical.


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