The lure of a job in the Features section of any publication lies in the unspoken promise of Free Things. Free Things that, by journalistic values, you are not to accept and surely not be seen using in pubilc. Which is why they are quickly devoured (in the case of food), or taken home.

During Diwali, prime freebie season, the wall on the Features Desk supports a mountain of dry fruits and mithai from celebrities, cookies or brownies from eateries and the odd tacky diya or diety idol. Sometimes, they get scented candles, cosmetics or the odd designer skirt. There are also junkets abroad, spa days and front-row tickets to fashion weeks.

The Newsdesk gets stories of fire-cracker accidents and the invitation to cover the municipal elections in Patna.

I moved to Features last month, and am now in charge of food and style. If that impresses you, let me remind you that my family calls me Pinkey.

I’ve been waiting for the mythical free dinners and trips to Europe, and by my third week, I would have welcomed a mug with Shiamak Davar’s face on it (Have feet, will dance! Have eyebrow! Will raise it!)

Imagine my joy when I received a free toothbrush and catalogue of Vogue eyewear from Gisele Bundchen.

First freebie

* KLPD is my most favourite Bombay acronym. It expands to Khaddi Lund Pe Dhoka (Disappointment rains upon erect penis, Confucius says)


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