Hilarious today

A Softer World

A PR chick, who has never met me, tells a colleague that she knows of my boyfriend in *Oshiwara.

Touching response to Jaison’s testimonial on my Orkut profile

Though I reached U searching a frnd of mine …But I feel sorry to see ur testimonial written by Jaison…what he says about u ???????????? Though every one is free to live his own life in his own way. But it doesn’t look descent to expose yourself in public… sorry to bother u again……………….

The testimonial:
The year was 1997, I had just lost a year in college and was looking to make a quick buck. The quickest way to make a buck is to whore yourself out, so i became a gigolo. That’s how i met her, Tatya, My first and best patron. She wasn’t the slender woman you see today, what you see is the work of genius platic surgeons, which is also the reason why she is poor. Back then tatya’s guju genes had taken over, she was FAT. A big fat guju ass, a huge potbelly and gigantic wobbly boobs… ew! But she paid well, why wouldnt she, I was HOt! and she was not. Tatya liked it kinky she wanted to be tied,wipped burnt with cigarettes the whole charade. The first she hired me, she took me to a posh mumbai hotel, it was a huge room with every facility known to man. She didnt take time to strip out of her sari, expecting me to do the same out of my clothes. He fucked like a couple of horny gimpy goth rabbits. She wanted me everywhere and i went everywhere. It was passionate and the money was good. It died out a year later

*This is funny only if you know of my apocalyptic hate of the western suburbs.


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