He has a hot stand and he knows how to use it

RTC: My status message: Educated Tatya’s righteous indignation knows no precedent

C: Wat?
Really flows overhead
Ur status msg
Me: what part didn’t you get?
C: The entire thing
Me: It means I’m sexually active
C: What!!
C: R u serious?
Me: Yes
That’s what righteous indignation means
C: So what do u feel?
U shud grab ur hubby nw itself
Me: I said active and not excited
And I am at work
C: It sounds interesting tho
Me: Have you considered the possibility that you are gay?
C: No ways
I hate the very thot of it
Me: Sure?
C: Yuck!
Me: That’s just homophobia
The fist sign of repressed gayhood
C: No ways
Its yuck!
Me: What if it was an intelligent guy. A doctor who did charity
Who was respectful towards your parents
C: I did think abt it once tho
But d idea is bad
M: Why?
Social pressure?
Love knows no bounderies, you know
C: But not a gay
Ur sexually active towards a girl?
Me: Do you mean active or attracted?
C: Attracted
Me: Would that make you rethink your stand?
C: No
I meant it wudnt make me rethink my stand
Y do u wnt me to be gay?
Hv u ever put ur lesbian tendencies to use?
Me: Yes in fact
I think you are gay because you are always excited by the thought of my husband
C: No ways
I keep telling that to u coz I don’t wnt u to feel I’m hitting on u
Dats it
Coz I speak very openly
And u myt just think I’m having some attraction towards you
Dats all
I find d idea yucky!
I’m happy being straight
Have a steady girl
And when I hv a stand that is totally too hot I knw wat to do
So cool dear
Ur hubby is urs
Not mine
Me: Thanks. I feel more secure now
C: Hehe
Crazy gurl

20 minutes later

C:  Sheesh! The thot u had in mind still baffles my mind
Me: He is a very attractive and kind man, just so you know
C: I don’t knw whether to laugh or feel yuck


3 thoughts on “He has a hot stand and he knows how to use it

  1. poor guy. you have now tainted his fantasies of you (and the occasional jaunts of you with his totally too hot stand) with visions of a naked TB. i hope he makes it. stay strong c! feel yuck! remember: boobies > pee pee**

    **unless when you really need to go and there is no public toilet in sight and the nearest mall is 15 mins away and you really wish you hadn’t finished that soda… pee pee wins!

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