I took my dog for a nature walk and I’m glad to say he enjoyed it. So far, he has shown more interest in cow pat than in coding. I’m marking it down as a parental victory.
We found a stream and he treaded up and down to find the the deepest spot to sit in. Across. I think he may be an otter.


Now whenever we start the car, he bounces headlong into the bumper, like he would into a stranger. I think he may be an idiot.


6 thoughts on “Companionship

  1. Dawg needs more bling, yo! A ring or two for his ears, a tongue stud, some phat chains and brother’s all set. Get on it sister. Ice the dawg.

  2. Hey… I think that is cute the bouncing… maybe its his way of saying “whats up!!”
    πŸ™‚ I just became a proud owner of a golden lab puppy… I am the happiest person these days! πŸ™‚

  3. I am calling him Mungerli (a tad bit desi, but it struck me when i first saw him), though the family refuses to, they are going in for conventional Snowy (!!)
    So the debate rages on…
    Will check out Ceaser … pics coming soon on my blog…

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