A compilation of spider facts

Brown spiders are poisonous. They crawl into your ears when you are asleep and walk into your brain. Then you have fits and die.
— my brother, age 7

Kid pinches out cobweb on Sunday in India. Second kid (in Hindi): Uh-oh. Now Spider-Man will come out of the TV at 6 and take badla.
First kid: Or he won’t come cause I’ve destroyed his home and he’ll have to rebuild it.
— age 6-8

Cobwebs have antiseptic powers. You can pick them and apply to wounds.
— merlin, age Now.

The soup recipe calls for one cobweb, to make us invisible
— Payal, age 8

Spiders remember who swept their homes away and crawl into their ears at night
— probably my brother

Be careful around webs; you could get stuck in them and then the spider will suck your blood and turn into a vampire.
— Anand, age 8

Unless you say god’s name as you pass by
— his sister, two seconds later

“god, god, god, god, god, god, god, god, dog, dog, dog”
— all of us


5 thoughts on “A compilation of spider facts

  1. LOL!! The first brown spider one is SO Indian School, Bahrain. One that was handed down generation after generation. I wonder if they still have it.

  2. OMG!! The green legs!! I SO remember. LOL! But wasnt that Mrs Britto who had them? Or did the green legs remain constant and the teachers change every year?

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