I’m wearing an outfit from what I dub my Perin Aunty wardrobe. If I was going to visit my Parsee grandmother-in-law, I’d wear a red glass bangle and a Farohar pendant in hopes of finding a place in her will. I usually come back with a brun pao.
I also have a Rosie Aunty wardrobe (before anyone is offended, let me confess that I have a long postponed post about my desperate desire to be a paowalla); a Happy Birthday Kevin wardrobe (with delicious outfits that aim to give our 22-year-old trainee Kevin something to think about at home); a Sexy Librarian wardrobe (for formals); and a Abla Naari Social Worker look.

Top: This tank in mustard
Skirt: This one From cotton colours. I plan to learn to stitch this.
Accessories: The Seiko watch, the Tibetan charm, two shell and brass bangles and one turquoise bangle.
Shoes: My sandals for this summer.


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