As quick-witted as Haley’s comet

An old friend relocates to India and the gang meets up for drinks and dostana. The conversation turns to the topic we’re all here for — the details of a current divorce.
SV remarks that I’m the only one still married; everyone else is divorced or let-down. “And we always thought you’d be the first one to get divorced.” Laughs. That’s the fifth time she’s said that. And she says it every time we meet.
Oh my dear, dear friend. If I wasn’t: 1. Debating whether that was a personal jab 2. Afraid of ruining a reunion 3. Thinking of an appropriate come-back. 4. Mentally editing and rewording the come-back 5. Practising saying the comeback with the right inflection, I would totally say something cutting.

12 thoughts on “As quick-witted as Haley’s comet

  1. How about “Oh that’s so funny, we always thought you’d be the first to become a hooker, squashed under the weight of your failed relationships and low self esteem”

    Too harsh?

  2. “I still think you’ll be the first to get a set of dentures/boob job/nose job/[insert anatomical part in this space]”

  3. Grrr. Hmmm.. Mrggghmfffttt!!!
    Thats me when I am trying to come back with a witty reply to beeyatches like her.
    Maybe after 72 years I will…

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