Things I endure at work

The Maggi Sandwich

Maggi sandwich

Contents: Masala Maggi noodles, ketchup, green chutney, cheese, bread and sev.

Nice feelings

The gentleman sitting adjacent to me has amorous feelings for his feet.

7 thoughts on “Things I endure at work

  1. take maggi. cook in water. throw away water. take cooked maggi. toss in large amounts of butter. add masala. toss some more.

    eat dry maggi. enjoy freaking awesome maggi.

    it uses crazy amounts of butter, if you do it correctly, but it the best way to clog your arteries that i know of.

    also, i am tempted by your maggi sandwich. *wanders off looking for green chutney*

  2. no i am not a fan of cheese spread. looks like gunk and tastes like nothing. do try it and blog on it, though. maybe it’d add something fun to the almost perfect recipe. 🙂

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