Day Four: About that doctor I was telling you about

Scene: We’ve checked into the hospital. I forgot to tip the guy who shaved TB from neck to knee. If ever a man deserved a tip, it was him. TB wouldn’t let me see and kept flashing bits like a pervert on a bus-stop. I had to pin him down to see. The doc came in for a round and we settled into our assigned positions — me at the computer, he on the bed in front of the TV.

Me: I don’t know how his wife lets him out. I’d be jumping him all the time; wouldn’t let him go out.
TB: More than you jump me?
Me: Lot more. I’d be constantly attached to him.
TB acts out a little skit about the doc going on rounds, visiting patients while I’m humping his leg.
Me: Yah, it would be very hard to hide our affair.


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