Day 12: Birthday Plans

As older readers of this blog would know, I get VERY EXCITED about my birthday. And the coming one is altogether special since I will be turning 30. I’m planning city wide celebrations and making lists of all the things I want to do. This way, whoever is free and in the area can join me and I’ll be spared the stress of having to make sure everybody is having a good time.
HOWEVER, my former best friend has decided to get married. AND has found no day more suitable for the task than the 13 of February. Hence I find myself torn between celebrating my 30th birthday, which will most certainly never come again, and celebrating my 30th birthday, which will most certainly never come again.
The other choice is to hijack his birthday, which falls on January 24 (or is it 23? 26? 19?). It’ll feel a little fake but at least I’ll be able to cash in on his guilt and get an extra special treat.
Or I can be mature and understanding and plan a special ‘last single’ birthday for him, attend his wedding and celebrate mine a little later in the week. GHANTA.


5 thoughts on “Day 12: Birthday Plans

  1. Since it’s FORMER BF, can’t u not to go for the wedding? or do u have common friends who will have to decide on either the wedding or ur bday party?

  2. What a con-incidence! We share the same birthday! I have been ‘lurking’ on your blog and on Style per Diem for a few days. The birthday thing prompted me to comment 🙂
    You are incredibly talented, and so funny ! your blogs brighten up my day

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