Day 20: Office conversations

Overheard: Aiming low
N: I brought lunch today! Carrots! Chopped up! On a cutting board! Which I then packed into a tupperware dabba!


M: What was for lunch today?
J: Good sprouts bhel
M: At the diet counter?
J: Yeah. I always eat there. No one stops you. It’s all you can eat for five bucks. Even the sweets.
M: What was for meetha today?
J: Chuttya kheer.
M: Like made of pubic hair?
J: No. Left-over vegetables squeezed into a pulp. Like ye le kheer. Tere ko chuttya banaya. Chuttya kheer.


We’re looking at a picture of a photographer colleague. Half his face is covered by the door.

V: Ye dekh. Dark side of the moon
M: Or total eclipse of the moon.
MD: Yeh S column toh nahin likh raha?
M: On being single and a migrant in Mumbai?
MD: Usski toh shaadi ho chuki hai. Bachche bhi hai.
V: No. He should write a column on being dark and fat in a city obsessed with fairness and looks.
M: He’s dark, fat and married. He has no presence in Mumbai’s social scenario.
V: He has it in the right places?
M: Like Mahila Mandals and PTA meetings?
V: I hate PTA meetings.
M: Used to you mean.
V: Yah
MD: Abhi bahut ho chuka. Jao tumlog.
M: Yah. We’ve milked it na?
V: Ek dum. Kala milk.


3 thoughts on “Day 20: Office conversations

  1. We have two counters in the office canteen. The diet food one that has soups and salads and costs Rs 5 for all you can eat; and the 50 paise thali counter where food is red and cooked with soda and rationed.
    The diet food tastes much much better.

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