Abundance blog

I was going to post here every day this month, but I’m already 10 days late. But… I am the boss of me (at least two hours a day) so let’s do this shit. I’m going to post one thing I’m thankful for, every day, just to learn to stop and be grateful. However, that’s tomorrow. Today, we still have time for some random shit.

1. How cool is a MARD tattoo in Gothic font across the chest? Or Mard = No Dard.

2. Does Kevin go to the barber with a picture of Jesus and say, “Aisa katna?” He’s just a slob like one of us. If god was one of us, would he stay in Marol?


3. Remember the face-off between Vinod Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan in Anthonywadi in Amar Akbar Anthony? Imagine it being re-enacted by penises. One large and thick, the other a peanut. With expression drawn in pen.

4. I want to greet a man with, “And how’s your little one?”

5. Exhuboob is a great name for bouncy boobs.


8 thoughts on “Abundance blog

  1. God you are funny Mitali !!!
    I stumbled across your blog a few months ago ,(went back and read all the archives on this blog and your other fashion “stree” blog) ,and keep lurking to see if you have posted anything new ,since then.

    You should seriously consider stand up , and im not joking !
    I mean I am a wimp when it comes to commenting on the blogs I read everyday (to date this is my second comment) , but your bullet point 2 in this post , had my coffee shooting straight out of my nostrils and my co workers stopping by to see if I was okay ! , but after reading bullet point 2 “Aisa kaatna ” I had do ,like had to de lurk !

    Did I tell you , you are funny ? I know , you are gonna be totally spooked by this comment from a total stranger ,but I have been reading your blog for sometime ( I may have read your archives twice , or thrice ) that I feel like you are my best friend (I know , im a loser ,to have an online blogger who doesnt know I exist as a best friend) . Okay, im done !

    But seriously please do consider stand up ,and I’ll attend every show of yours !

    • Thanks Swapna. Unfortunately, I’m very people shy, which would explain why I have a blog. We should be best friends. Only online though. Thanks again for boosting my confidence. Comments are the reason I blog.

  2. I loved Kevin’s pic! But do you remember what happened last time when he went to a barber and spent a good amount of money? Kiran asked him what if everything was ok with him and what happened to the hair!

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