I missed proper blogging so have de-cluttered my life to make space for it. In the process, StylePerDiem.com had to go. It’s now a category here along with the usual grammar rants and doggie sightings.



Top: H&M. Hill road. Rs 150
Tights: NIS 18. Nahariyya
Shoes: Dansko sandals
Stole: Raw cotton stole from my mother’s enviable handloom fabric collection
Accessories: Seiko automatic watch, silver koli baalis.

I love it when the weather allows me to wear a scarf. To do justice to my mother’s rani-pink dupatta, I chose the quiet movement of dark blue to charcoal. Actually, I look like a stretched out version of 3-year-old me at the beach. I used to have a flat, brick red version of those sandals, which I would wear with stockings in the winter, a look I still adore. And I had the same hair.


I felt really cute all day.


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