Dress: Strapless jersey tie-dye maxi from Fashion Street for Rs 150. This maxi always solicits compliments and is so well cut that it allows movement while being slimming. I wore it at the Lakme fashion Week last year and was photographed for some fashion blog.


Jacket: Rs 1500 from Pax on Colaba Causeway. I needed a warm jacket for the kibbutz last year and thought a leather one would do it. Cows skins save us from hypothermia, right? Wrong. Leather is not all that warm. It does look pretty in green though. I brought the tag price down from Rs 2300. Sorry cow.

Accessories: Glass ring necklace from Colaba Causeway. Silver hoops. Many bejewelled pins to tame unruly hair. Casio G Shock watch.

Shoes: Danskos for the height.

I was going to a terrace barbecue party and this was a good mix of warm but put together.


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