This is how I wish I dressed every day. For the past year, I have been more prudent while buying clothes. Instead of getting all colours in a basic shirt, I buy only things that are distinctive and steer away from staples. As a result, dressing better has become a lot more effortless.


Top: Silk tank from J.Crew. Err. I bought this in another colour too — grey because it was neutral and burnt orange because it suits me better. The silk makes it look posh, and since it is a tank, I could take off the blazer outdoors. Also it isn’t tight or too short. If I am paying more than Rs 500 on something, I need to be reassured that it is worth it. Is the fabric natural? Will it last for 10 years? Is it a classic? Does it flatter me? is the craftsmenship dying? Will it go with everything? Was it made by impoverished craftsmen in a third world country? Can we ascertain that the rest of the family died in a natural catastrophe and the craftsmen is now the only wage earning member of the clan? Did she sew this with her toes? Yes? I’ll wait for the sale.

Blazer: Benetton. Sub Rs 2000. From Etsy

Jeans: VB Skinnies that I have finally grown into after four years of owning them. Now they are my only pair of skinny jeans. Free.

Shoes: Faux snakeskin ballet flats from Israel. I love how these posh-up any outfit.


Accessories: A gunmetal necklace from Hill Road, Rs 100. Silver hoops. I’m into asymmetrical pieces right now.

If I had to run for an interview last minute, I’d be ready. An outfit that feels good from the inside.


6 thoughts on “17.1.11

  1. ET,
    Here’s a Q. Isn’t there anywhere a girl can find ‘export-surplus’ lingerie? Most of it is made around here, and if you can get H&M & Zara clothes on the streets, why not a hideout for branded, good quality & super expensive undergarments? You know of any such places?
    A girl in need!

  2. Good reasoning on the top! However, if only my reasoning were as good as yours, I wouldn’t have gone half of the clothes I own 😦 Sigh.
    I love that necklace. It s charming.

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