Signs of affluence

When we were children, we noted certain things that signified you’d achieved an agreeable standard of living.

1. Cars with power windows.
2. Affording starters in a restaurant. (TB)
3. Fridges with water dispensers built into the door.

What made you feel rich?

9 thoughts on “Signs of affluence

  1. What are water dispensers in the fridge door??
    You were rich if you bought samosas and popcorn at the movies, instead of sneaking in homemade chutney sandwiches.
    P.S. I seem to inherited that habit though. Still can’t get myself to spend on the overpriced snacks at the theatre.

  2. 1. Ice dispensers in the refrigerator
    2. Huge ass car phones
    3. Velvet skirt and blouse studded with jewels – hanging inside a cheap glass door in Manama (near Bhaskarji Devji jewellers), Bahrain
    4. Vintage Beige Mercedes

  3. Where did my comment disappear?
    AC anywhere.
    Being able to buy clothes from the AC market,which was probably the only place to have AC in the entire city back in the 80s. Once you are done shoppin in the ‘normal’ shops and are all sweaty it was a treat just to enter that market (a lane of 10 shops maybe)
    2) cakes which had fancy designs-cars,trains etc.anything other than the standard round shape from the local bakery.

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