Summer is on Full, so I won’t be seeing my jeans till October. This is how I dress most days.


Pants: Cotton ones from OMO. Rs 550.
Top: Colaba Causeway, Rs 200. I’ve had trouble finding the right top for these pants. Tees make my legs look too long and white is too stark. This is a racer-back top with a lace trim. The colour is harmonious without being black or white.
Shoes: Danskos.
Accessories: I can’t wear anything in my neck in the heat, so it’s just some silver balis in my ears and the Casio GShock. The hat is from Accessorize for Rs 1600. I support a movement to popularise functional hats in the city. Next month, the broad-rim flying saucer shall land.

He wins

Me: I can’t do this anymore. I’m going to quit.

Namrata: Go go, you can be a housewife.

Me: No, that’s too much work. I want to be a kept woman.

Vishwas: Yah man, that was my plan. I’d hook up with an investment banker. Get up in the afternoon, go for a swim, then go shopping for a nice dress. Then six to eight, we’ll fuck. Then we go out for a party in the new dress. Look where I’ve landed. From Prada to MHADA.