I wish a Boo on all of you

Once in few weeks, when Boo’s health takes a turn for the worse, I find myself distancing from him. It’s an inbuilt reaction to shelter myself from the inevitable pain. It’s easily justifiable — I have no household help for the summer, I work 12 hours six days a week, I go to work earlier than before. It’s much more efficient to tackle the laundry while TB takes him for a walk. Besides all the medical help we provide, what can make this better for Boo? Just three things:

1. Walks (or car rides). Long walks. Allow him to lead. Let him smell everything. Let’s sit on the grass and watch.

2. Cuddles (or just an elbow nook, a paunch, a thigh to nuzzle into. With half a face gone, he’s very vary of strangers and doesn’t allow anybody to pet him. But he still drills into my stomach, allows us to apply hot and cold compresses and pick his nose. Dogs maim you with trust)

3. Watermelons (or any crunchy fruit and peel)

Just three simple things. It’s not so hard.

2 thoughts on “I wish a Boo on all of you

  1. I know its difficult….i get scared everytime I wonder abt Cleo’s (cleopatra) age n she is just 4… I wonder how much time I have left with her … n it scares me more when I read about Boo.

    I will pray for him but I know its inevitable whats going to happen…

    Stay Strong !!

  2. 😦 You try to ,but you cannot shelter yourself from the pain, it hurts the same . There is no alternative to it ,sadly .I hope you do get some quality time to spend with Boo. The pain of losing a pet is something else …

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