Wedding wear


Dress: Sample from Fashion Street. Rs 200.
Shoes: Naturalizer from Bata. Rs 3500.
Accessories: Antique gold bracelet via marriage. Sparkly hair comb Rs 75. Gold hoops (Note to 12-year-old self trawling Yateem Centre: Good choice buying this when gold was still affordable on pocket money). Deep red lipstick.

When I told TB that we were invited to a Pao wedding, he asked if I was going to wear slutty. Of course! Not only slutty, inexpensive slutty, with red lips.

Life updates

1. We let Boo go on the 27th of June. He went as he lived — fussed over by his family, chewing greens, oblivious to needles.

2. I went to Singapore for work and trespassed for leisure.

3. I won the highest praise at work. It’s the first time I have won anything. When I was 14 and weighed 43 kilos at 5 feet 6 inches, I was pulled on stage during the Christmas ball for a competition on the narrowest waist. I didn’t even win that. So I want ‘Displays Excellence’ inscribed on a watch, but a typo so I stay humble.

4. For the first time in 19 years, I am devoid of animal companionship. It feels like living without electricity.

5. My hair is getting curlier.